Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Faves

Wow, I really had planned on updating a little more this week. I had layouts and everything. Serious! But we snuck in a mini vacation to Knobles this weekend. I went camping in a tent for the first time. We had a great time. And it's just been a little bit of a crazy, short week. So, for now I will give you my fave fives of the week, but stay tuned for some layouts and stuff tomorrow . 1. This week would have to be Knobeles. It's fun, and very family and budget friendly. All of their prices are reasonable, even on the concessions. We really loved it. 2. Pain medicine. Of any kind, but mostly Aleve today. I'm still having pain from the car accident I was in a couple months ago. And I got my back readjusted. Now nobody can say I'm out of whack. Anyhow, Aleve is my friend today. 3.Summer CHA. Nothing is more fun than looking out for sneak peeks from my favorite manufacturers.Search #chasummer on twitter so you don't miss a beat! craft and hobby association craft and hobby association 4.Photo editing software. The software that came with my camera is complicated. I'm still learning it. But I've been using Aurora and I really like how easy it is to use. I love how it shows you how different things will look in one screen. And it is really cool that sometimes you can take a really crappy photo and make it much better and more interesting through the editing. 5.The way a two year old, who is learning to talk says things. Kevin's vocabuary is just growing by the minute. And the way he says things just kills me (oh, wait, that is my back...) Favorite new words this week include Choceeeeee!! (that would be chocolate) and Drackee!(tractor)and sh*t (meaning SHIRT) but it really makes us giggle when he says it. Blogger is not letting me upload pictures at this point :( But I'll try to come back and add some in later

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Jill said...

I love summer CHA! I love winter CHA! I just love the CHA's...

Don't you love how they say words? It's great :)