Friday, January 23, 2009

Little book of Joy

My buddy Pam, who is super duper sweet gave me this little book and yummy Sassafras Lass papers and flowers. Wasn't that just darlin' of her? And my mother gave me my grandma's book of photographs. They were mostly photos of me, but inside at the end I found these darling pictures of my sister Joy. So, I put together this album with those. I used a grungeboard thingie-ma-doodle on the edge going around the spine. I think those thingie-ma-doodles are the neatest. No idea what they are called. This I know Joy will love. it is a picture of her and our favorite dog, Faith. Thanks so much for looking, and if you are in need of some super cute blog candy, check out Erica's blog. She is giving away some cute stuff. Thanks for reading. Have a super great day!


Christie said...

So adorable! Aren't you lucky!

PamPal said...

SOOOOO very cute!!! Love it!

Danielle said...

Love it B!! So pretty!!!