Monday, January 12, 2009

Toilet Paper Mini Album Tutorial

I made this tutorial for you all when I was putting together my last toilet paper mini. I've made a couple now, and, while it is not really rocket science, I thought I would share what I've learned is easiest.
  • You will need 3+ toilet paper rolls
  • Bone Folder ( a small ruler may work just as well)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Eyelet setter/cropodial
  • ring to hold the pages together
  • Patterned paper
  • Embellishments of choice
To flatten your tp roll squash it and use the bone folder to go along the sides. Press very firmly as you do this. I really have found the bone folder indispensible here, but if you have a small ruler that may work just as well. I have also heard of people using the cuttle bug. Cut your patterend paper (I just freehand) with about an inch or so extra along the sides and about half an inch longer top to bottom. No need to be exact as long as your paper will cover all the way around your roll with extra to spare.
  • Cover one side of you tp roll with a glue stick. (If you buy gluesticks at Target buy the pack of 2 for .22 and not the pack of 6 for $1.99- sorry that kind of stuff really bugs me) Place the tp roll glue side down with about 1/4 inch on the bottom and 1/4 inch on the right side. There will be a larger overhang on the left side. This is what you want. These dimensions are approximate. Don't stress over it.
  • Glue the bottom flap down and fold over the right side flap (ONLY ON THE RIGHT SIDE OTHERWISE YOU WILL LOSE YOUR POCKET). Snip a little at the top of the roll. Gluing down one of the side flaps will help the roll to remain flat and also, if you use the inside of the roll to hold journaling tags or photos it will keep them from slipping out the back end.
  • Cover in gluestick and flip the roll over. Try to do this with the roll smashed flat as possible and with the paper tight. Keeping the paper tight seems to aid in keeping the roll flat. You will have extra paper on the top and the sides. Trim the TOP and the RIGHT SIDE ONLY(the side that you cut the slit into. See, I told you you could eyeball it!
  • Now, on the left side you should have about 3/4 inch or so of overhang. Take your scissors and snip the fold down to the tp roll.
  • Fold them back enough to glue them. Tuck them inside the tp roll.
  • Now nobody will ever guess that it is a tp roll!
To make an album all you need to do is make a hole in the top left of all your covered tp rolls (make sure that your pocket is faceing outward before you punch your hole) then just put them all on a ring or you could even tie them together with a ribbon If you make a toilet paper mini album I would love to see it. Have a great day and thanks for reading!


Andrea said...

Wow Beate.....that is a GREAT tutorial and I think I have a couple of empty TP rolls I need to salvage from the trash so I can make one of my own!!!! LOL

Love your blog.....thank you for leaving such nice comments on mine!!!!


Christie said...

Clever! I was wondering how you could possible make a mini out of toilet paper rolls. Thanks for the tutorial!

yaarit said...

I made mini album using your tutorial, and add a link in my Flickr - Thanks.
Here is a link to my mini album:

SugarBeanz said...

I love these albums and have made 2 now. Here's a link to my blog where I linked your blog for the tut. Thanks for sharing. I have pics of one of my albums up there.

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PenLight said...

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