Sunday, December 28, 2008

I missed my favorite holiday!

I must say that I'm not really one of those people that goes nuts about holidays. Any holiday, really. I don't really do a lot of decorations or send a lot of cards. Heck, some holidays I don't even celebrate at all! I'm doing better with it ever since I became a mother, maybe one day I will be one of 'those' people. On my list of favorite Beate holidays are Day after Halloween, Day after Easter, and, the most hallowed of all Beate holidays, the Day after Christmas. Obviously, the day after Easter and Halloween are really all about the 50% off candy. But the DAC is special. It's when everything I love is 50-70% off. The DAC brings such joy to my bargain hunting soul. I have to go to Walmart first, because all of their stupid gift sets are 50% off. They also have Christmas crafts too. And I love Boscovs. They have amazing sales on purses. And, even though I have been carrying around a diaper bag in lieu of a purse for the past 19 months that doesn't mean that I won't get one. It just means that the one I get won't be practical. I also need to look at the jewelery, scope out Bath and Body Works, Target, Michaels and Joanns. Michaels and Joanns are the best because they usually mark down the Christmas stuff 70%. That stuff will be in high demand and at full price in a mere 10 months :) Maybe even 9, as Christmas does seem to come earlier every year thanks to greedy corporate America. Alas, this year I missed my favorite holiday! It's all my brother's fault. He decided to bring his four sick children to the Christmas eve family get together. Everyone in our family has been throwing up since then. And I missed the shopping. We're finally feeling better (and hopefully not contagious any longer). So today I will go out, and, no matter how many bargains I find, I will be so sad knowing in my heart that I missed the BEST bargains of all.


Jessabells said...

Nothing is better than a great sale and after xmas sale is best! Wish I had more dough to play with.

Leslie Miller said...

Hi, Beate: I must admit I love the DAC, too. I don't like to fight the crowds for shopping, but I do love being done with the cooking, baking, shopping, wrapping, and all the other preparations. It's a good day to take it easy and just say, "whew!" Sorry you missed your favorite day due to illness.