Monday, August 4, 2008

One of those days...

I guess even the most creative people have days when they are stuck. Days when, even if you have a brilliantly creative idea, you can not translate it into something less than a disaster. I was so excited to scrap tonight. I put my little angel to bed and headed into my freshly cleaned scrap area ready to get down to it and make something adorable. The something adorable never materialized, but I did create the Microbead Disaster of 2008. It was followed the glitter avalanche. So, hours later I have nothing made, nothing created and just a big mess. Life can be like that I guess. I love it when things go together effortlessly. When I am really in 'the zone' creatively speaking. And even when I am not (which is often the case), at least have a little to show for all of my efforts! I will try again tomorrow. Hopefully I will have something fantastic to show you all!

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