Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some tips for stitching.

When people see my layouts I get a lot of positive comments about my stitching. Stitching is one of my favorite ways to give a layout a little something extra special. One thing I love about stitching is how inexpensive it is. Scrapbooking can be a very expensive hobby and with stitching you can give your projects a high quality look for very little money. You can buy thread for the sewing machine or embroidery floss in a rainbow of colors very inexpensively. Embroidery floss also comes in metallic and pearlized colors as well. 1.If I am going to stitch directly on the layout I place my flowers/embellishments and draw my sketch around them. I do this on a piece of cardstock, not directly on the paper I am stitching on. When I am happy with my design I place the paper I drew the pattern on over the paper I am stitching. I place a mousepad under everything. 2. Next, take a pin or needle and punch holes along the lines that you have drawn. These holes will make it a lot easier to make your stitches. Try to make them as evenly as possible, but don't be too uptight about it. Nobody will notice if you are a little off. Remember: You are your own worst critic! 3.After all of you holes have been punched you are ready to begin sewing. I usually secure my thread with tape on the back of my paper. You can get really fancy with all sorts of embroidery stiches, but a basic running stich or backstich works just fine. To do a backstitch (which is what I used for this project) bring your needle up from the backside of the paper to the front. Then, take your needle down the next hole. Bring it up once more and (instead of going down into the next hole) go down in the previous hole. And you just go and do all of the stitches in this manner. It is not hard to do when you get the hang of it! I hoped this little tutorial has inspired you to try some stitching on a layout or two. I also have a little bit of advice to help thing so go a little more smoothly for you. 1. When stiching by hand always use cardstock or cardstock weight patterned paper. 2. When sewing by hand it is easier to use embroidery floss. Embroidery floss is made up of 6 strands that can be seperated and you can use 2-3 strands for a thin line or all 6 for a thick one. (I used 6 strands for this project) 3. If you have it, use a larger needle for punching holes than you do for sewing. Totally not required, but it will make sewing easier. 4. Always punch on the patterned side of your paper. Punching will push the paper out on the bottom side of the paper. If you sew on that side it will not look as smooth. 5.After you get comfortable with this technique, experiment! There are tons of embroidery stiches out there and it looks so neat to change it up with ribbon or beads!


The Man Crew said...

B! I didn't know you were blogging every day! These are all beautiful things! I especially liked the one about your disasters, becasue that's what most of my fancy pages turn into, which may be why I stick to plain Jane scrapping...LOL! I am in awe of your talent! hats off to you!! WooHoo, keep the idea rolling!

Marie said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I always wondered how to do this. I definitely will try this soon!

Aloha, Marie.

PS. I found you through Heather's Blog.

Julie said...

You rock!!! I will 100% be using your stitching tips!